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Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Firefly:
Pike's Stories:
Fostering -- When a former stoner becomes the sole guardian of a potential Slayer, his entire life turns around.  For Pike, this has happened twice.

Passing -- On Wesley's advice, Pike takes Amanda to England, where he finds that the Watcher Council isn't as helpful as he hoped.
Refuge -- Serenity takes a load of colonists to their new home. Sounds easy right? This is Serenity, what do you think?  (Crossover with Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan universe.)
Marital/Martial -- Wash and Zoe work out their marital problems in their own inimitable way.
The Chosen One -- There is one girl in all the world with the strength and skill to slay the vampires.  And her name is Willow Rosenberg. (Wait a minute... HUH?!?!?!) Babylon 5: Babylon 5.14159-- The world looks familiar, the faces are the same... but a few things have changed in this version of Babylon 5 that Perri, Kiki and I have created.
Shadowland -- There is one girl in all the world, the Slayer, the one with the strength and skill to kill the vampires. She was supposed to come to Sunnydale to stop the Harvest. But she didn't. How events led up to The Wish, from Welcome to the Hellmouth through the beginning of third season. The Power of Persuasion -- (Set in 2259, beginning second season, before Coming of Shadows) Immovable object and irresistable force. EarthFirst proponant Mingala Chang wants Babylon 5 shut down and Humans pulled back from any contact with aliens. Minbari negotiation Ximenn wants to protect his people and regain the honor lost eleven years before when the Minbari surrendered to Earth. There could be no hope for accord between two very different people. But if Mingala and Ximenn cannot find common ground, then there is no hope for peace. 2000 FanQ Honorable Mention (Not that I brag, or anything...)
Coming to Terms -- While Buffy goes off to confront Angel after the events of Pangs, Willow spends Thanksgiving weekend alone in Sunnydale. Except that it is a much longer weekend than she expected. Chaos fic of I Will Remember You. Walls of Stone -- Sequel to The Power of Persuasion. To explain the plot would spoil The Power of Persuasion. Suffice to say that lessons learned are applied here. Set 2260-2261 on Proxima 3, epilogue 2262, Babylon 5. (In progress. Chapters will be available soon!)
Full of Grace -- "It's better this way." Angel regains his soul, and everyone must come to terms with the fact that nothing will ever be the same. Alternate Universe from Becoming 1 & 2 Forever Knight:
Out of the Shadows -- Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest, Teacher's Pet, and Never Kill A Boy On The First Date -- from Angel's point of view. Moon Over Bourbon Street -- The first fanfic I ever completed. Based on the song by Sting (who, by the way, with this song was responcible for reawakening my childhood fascination with vampires...)
What I Did On My Summer Vacation -- Speculations on the Slayerettes summer activities following Prophesy Girl Seven Days -- One of my rare attempts at humor. Also based on a song by Sting.
For the Future's Sake -- Ten-year-old Giles comes face to face with his destiny in a small British town haunted by violent death. Fragile -- Yet another Sting song story.
Three of Spades -- A petty theif is playing cards in a tavern one night, when destiny walks in the door... Mad About You -- This is the FK story that I hold dearest to my heart, a melding of my love for history and my love for the characters from Forever Knight.
Hard Choices -- Jenny Calendar comes to terms with the events of The Dark Age -- and wonders how she can keep her secret about her reasons for being in Sunnydale... Night in Hell -- An interpretation of the unseen events at the end of Human Factor, from Nat's point of view.
Hold On -- I spent two years writing Forever Knight fic to Sting songs, and now I'm writing Buffy fic to Sarah MacLachlin! Before Prophesy Girl, Buffy is injured Slaying, and Angel finds her... A Tale of Two Nicks -- An unredeemable piece of absolute silliness.
Why Should I Cry For You? -- Written for Chris. Nick in 1992 reflects on LaCroix's death... and LaCroix in 1996 reflects on Nick's.
Highlander: Resolution -- Joanna Lambert investigates the disappearence of her long-estranged sister, and finds more than she ever anticipated with the help of Rene Claudet, a disillusioned Enforcer.
If the Truth Be Told... -- Sorry, unavaliable on the Web. Please check The Methos Chronicles to see how you can get ahold of this story. In addition, I wrote the seventh episode of Forever Knight's Virtual Fourth Season, entitled A Dish Best Served Cold. This is archived in two parts. [Part One] [Part Two]


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