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Lizbet's Page O'Insanity
...this is just one.

This page exists for no other reason than... well, I wanted a place to keep some of my insanity. To see the place where I keep my sanity, please check My First Home Page. (Soon to be undergoing major renovations... and about bloody time, too!)

My fandoms were getting waaaaay too numerous to mention. .

However, one fandom thing gets top billing. On June 4, 1997, I became a Mummy to a list! (Well, Co-Mom, actually.) The Sunnydale Slayers is a small (and unfortunately closed) discussion list for Buffy, Life, the Universe and Everything.

As an off-shoot of my interest in Buffy, my roomie and I created The Cult of Joss, a page devoted to Joss Whedon, creater, executive producer, occasional writer and director, and all-around guru of Buffy.

The Insane People who Know Me:

Most of these said people are "fen" ie, those who have stumbled into fandom, sometimes dragged kicking and screaming.

The HorseChicks:

Dianne's Page -- Death, She Who Must Be Given Chocolate, my Co-Mom for the Sunnydale Slayers

Perri's Page -- Stratigic War, It's a bird, it's a plane... it's a Perri! Say hi to my little sis...

Boo's Page -- Tactical War (NEVER call her Tact), The Doubting Scientist

Kiki's Page -- Chaos (always!), Buffy corruptor extrodinaire.

Celli's Page -- Doom, my roomie, co-High Priestess, and general partner-in-crime.

Eriancas' Page -- Lots of FK stuff, lots and lots of Irish and Gaelic stuff

Abby's Page -- Poor, misguided, Trojan child...

Val's Page -- She-Who-Time-Shares-Deirdre-of-the-Sorrows-With-Me

Beth's Page -- "We're not obsessed, we're just intently focused."

Joanne's Page -- I'd tell you her sekret idenity, but then I'd have to tickle you to death...

deb's Page -- Demure and maidenly is her middle name. Wait, demure is her first name and maidenly is her middle name. Wait, that's not quite right...

Liser's Page -- All hail the Colonel/General!!!

Marina's Page -- Ever wondered why faction members in the Highlander universe were called Flagwavers...?

I participated (minorly) in FKFIC War 5, and with more vigor in FKFIC War 7.

I wrote the seventh episode of Forever Knight's Virtual Fourth Season, entitled A Dish Best Served Cold. This is archived in two parts. [Part One] [Part Two]

If the Truth Be Told... -- Sorry, unavaliable on the Web. Please check The Methos Chronicles to see how you can get ahold of this story.

I played Co-Warmistress for the First Highlander Gathering, in which much silliness ensued. Sanity reawakened (slightly) and I merely participated in the Highlander Cruise. (Merely. Hah!)

Due South:
Regrets -- My reaction to being forced to watch Victoria's Secret and only Victoria's Secret by the cruel, inhumane people who decided that I needed to be dragged kicking and screaming into this fandom (namely, 2/5ths of the HorseChicks. And the other 2/5ths just didn't know what the first 2/5ths was up to, or they would have helped). (What, me, hold a grudge? Never!)
Betrayer and Betrayed -- Victoria doesn't seem to want to give up on me. The events of Fraser's and Victoria's first meeting -- from her point of view.

Dark Shadows:
From the Shadows of Night... -- An incomplete and likely never-to-be completed fanfic based on the 1991 version of Dark Shadows starring Ben Cross.

I often use song lyric in my stories. The LyricsServer has thousands of song lyrics stored in it.
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